2,500 [Evangelical ...]  KOREANS WILL HOLD A
Ministry of Tourism Spokesman's Office - Reference No:  2004-005-710
August 5, 2004
Press Release\

2,500 Koreans will hold a peace march from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.  Tourism Minister Gideon Ezra, who is to participate in the
march, notes that their arrival is of great importance for promoting tourism to Israel in general, and to Jerusalem in particular.

Two thousand five hundred tourists from South Korea, members of IACD (a Christian cultural organization), will be arriving in
the coming days in Jerusalem to attend a special convention of the organization and to express solidarity with the people of Israel.
At the Tourism Ministry and the Jerusalem Municipality their arrival is viewed as highly important for promoting tourism to
Israel in general, and to Jerusalem in particular.

In the course of the convention the participants, who are Christian Evangelists [Evangelicals],  will march from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.  They will also hold large-scale events at the Israel Museum and at the Archeological Museum in the Ophel Park and deliver various lectures on cultural and religious subjects.  The organization's members hold conventions every year in many places around the world and in Korea itself.  This year, further to an initiative by the Israeli Tourism Ministry,
Dr. Choi, the organi- zation's head, decided to hold a solidarity convention in Israel. Tourism Minister Gideon Ezra will meet with the organization's members and welcome them at the opening ceremony, to be held at the Israel Museum Saturday evening, August 7, 2004.  The minister will also join the participants in their march up to the roadblock at the Bethlehem crossing.

The delegation's stay in Israel will coincide with the Korean Culture Week, which is to take place in Jerusalem between August
8-10.  During these days booths will be set up on the Jerusalem promenade displaying Korean traditional dress, hancrafts and
foods and Korean artists will perform traditional songs and music on a central stage.  The Korean Culture Week is being held
under the auspices of the Tourism Ministry and the Jerusalem Municipality.

Tourism Minister Gideon Ezra notes that the visit by the South Koreans is of great importance for attracting additional Christian
organizations from Korea and the world to Israel.
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