by Colette Avital, Haaretz, June 3, 2008
The Israeli public is so thirsty for love that it becomes very excited by the support it gets from Christian groups; this is the case when the support comes in the form of political support or in the form of millions of dollars in cash that flows generously to various causes in Israel, some of them questionable.  Several weeks ago, the evangelical leadership even held a conference in Israel, and some of our most important leaders were on hand.

The support of American evangelicals does not receive the necessary attention in Israel.  The outrageous statement by Reverend John Hagee, an evangelist who disseminates his opinions not only in his church in Texas, but also through popular television broadcasts, is an example of extremist views that are being ignored by those who laud the support Israel gets from evangelicals.

Hagee is the founder of the Christians United for Israel lobby, and as such received the blessing of the Jewish lobby AIPAC during its annual conference last year.  Hitler and the Holocaust, Hagee argues, were part of a divine plan to expel Jews from Europe and bring them to the Land of Israel. 
"It was written about and prophesized in the Bible", Hagee says, "How will G-D restore Jews to their homeland?" asks Hagee.  The answer: "through fishermen and hunters.  A hunter is the one who comes with a gun and forces you; Hitler was a hunter."

As someone familiar with the evangelicals' views and beliefs on the second coming of Jesus, there is nothing surprising to me about his statements.  It only causes me to sigh in relief because the truth is coming out.  This time it was not a slip of the tongue, and the statements are documented on the Church's Web site.  Do we still need to point out that Jesus can return only after Armaged-don, and to this end it is best if Israel continues to be at war?

But the support of Hagee and his lobby is not impartial.  This is support to specific leaders and parties, to whom he offers generous assistance.  Hagee's evangelicals reject the two-state solution, which is currently acceptable for the vast majority of the Israeli public; such as, Hagee's followers direct their funding and assistance toward a clear political agenda in Israel.

In an interview with Haaretz some two years ago, Hagee said he would offer aid to hospitals and orphanages.  To those who know him, this is not a likely option.

Hagee, a clear "friend" of Israel who preaches that it must not relinquish an inch of land, declared his support for Senator John McCain in the race for U.S. president.  But his latest declarations, and this latest one most of all, embarrassed McCain to the point that he renounced the reverend's support.

Is it not appropriate then to expect Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni to make an unequivocal announcement that they, too, are cutting ties with Hagee and his ilk?  After all, the aims of this bear hug are clear.

MK Colette Avital (Labor) served as Israel's Consul General in New York.

                                                                                    *    *    *

She  [Colette Avital]  boasts that she speaks English, French, Romanian, German, Portuguese, and Italian fluently.  In all six
languages, she is hostile to religious Jews, as well as to religious Christians, especially Evangelicals.  In that connection, I found another malicious article of hers entitled "No Room For Evangelicals" on from April 21, 2008.

Colette Avital has been a Knesset member since 1999 and is the Chairperson of the Committee for Immigration, Absorption, and
the Diaspora.

Immigration and Absorption:  Colette Avital tried to build a secular-leftist-anti-religious coalition by seeking out and encouraging
the aliyah of non-Jews.  She has no qualms doing things that would clearly impart negatively on the cohesiveness and unity of the Jewish people.  Anything for a few extra votes and to "stick it" to the religious and the right.

Diaspora: Is it possible that Colette Avital has failed to internalize that the Diaspora, at least in America, has many Christians and Evangelicals?

I remember Colette Avital from the time when she was an Israeli Consul General in New York.  She alienated both Orthodox Jews and religious Christians.

Colette Avital worked hard (unsuccessfully) to stop the Salute To Israel Parade in NY and the Pro-Israel Concert in Central Park

Colette Avital cannot by any standards be called a friend of Israel.

With blessings and Love for Israel,

Ruth Matar

P.S.  This letter was written on June 3, 2008, before Senator Obama's "victory speech."  Next week's letter will deal with his radical associations, including those of his wife Michelle Obama.  Senator Obama tries to forget about his past!

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