by Robert Stearns, KAIROS,  P.10,  May-June 2006
As Anti-Semitism is rising globally, the need for believers to speak out on Israel's behalf with a clear, unified voice is more imperative than ever.  Christians United for Israel  is a cutting-edge movement that is helping do just that.

has called for the destruction of Israel.  In unequivocal terms, this radical Holocaust-denier has projected a world without Israel, one in which Islamic law is the order of the day, and where no Jew or non-Muslim exists freely.  He has declared that his country will continue to pursue nuclear weapon capability, and use it against its enemies.  The stage is being set for a show down between Iran and the West, and Israel is in the cross hairs.  We may feel that there is not much action we can take as history unfolds, but on July 18, you and I will have an opportunity to make a difference.


As an increasing number of churches and ministries across America are seeing the need and importance of wholeheartedly supporting Israel and the Jewish people, Christian leaders are acting decisively to unify Christians in all areas of active support, including national policy.  On February 7, at an historic meeting in San Antonio, Texas, a new organization was birthed that will add strength to the impact for good that Christians can bring to Israel.

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is a national organization formed to influence national policy in the Congress and the White House.  Spearheaded by Pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone Church, with an executive board consisting of Gary Bauer, George Morrison, and Jerry Falwell, CUFI represents a powerful coalition of Christian ministries from across the U.S.


CUFI's objective is to act in the U.S. on Israel's behalf with one unified and unwavering voice.  Some of CUFI's stated goals include a rapid-response program to current events:  Increasing participation at pro-Israel events; and advocacy for moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem as already approved by Congress in 1995.

There are many other Christians and Christian organizations who have worked for years to support the Land and the People of Israel.  For nearly thirty years, organizations such as the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) and Bridges for Peace have been bringing enormous support, comfort and practical aid to the people of Israel.  Many pastors and ministry leaders such
as Pastor Jack Hayford, Rev. Pat Robertson, Kay Arthur, Rev. Jerry Falwell, Benny Hinn and others
* have for years been pro-Israel in their message and media.  For our part, Eagles' Wings has raised up initiatives such as the Day of Prayer for The Peace
of Jerusalem, the Watchmen Pilgrimage, and the Israel Experience College Scholarship. 

In most cases, each ministry, church or organization has had its own area of focus,
whether bringing Christians to Israel on tours, raising prayer for Israel, raising awareness on Jewish Roots of our faith, helping Jews get to Israel from other countries (Aliyah), providing humanitarian relief, or demonstrating support through donations to communities in the Land. Still, few ministries have ever placed cooperative emphasis upon influencing policy toward Israel in the United States government.  This area of influencing the government has been left to a few brave souls, and has never received much concerted effort by Christians in a broad, long-term, organized fashion.  Until now.

For the first time since Israel became a state in 1948, the vast majority of major pro-Israel Evangelical ministries are uniting under one banner to bring support, influence, and if needed, change to policy in Washington D.C.  I am honored to serve alongside John Hagee, Steve Strang, Pastor Tommy Barnett, Billye Brimm and others as one of twelve Regional Directors for CUFI that will help to mobilize Christians for this effort.  Each Regional Director is responsible for  assembling teams in the states and cities in their region so that rapid response and mass mobilization can be achieved.

The newly formed umbrella organization is also calling Christians from across America to converge on Washington July 18-19 to rally support for Israel by visiting with their Senators and members of Congress.  This is an incredible opportunity to let your governmental representatives know where you stand on Israel.  For details on how to become involved in this important, landmark event, see my letter inviting you to participate on page 46 of this issue. 


With the threat of rogue Middle-Eastern nations acquiring nuclear capabilities and a terrorists group literally governing alongside Israel, CUFI will provide proactive, praying Christians with an outlet for godly governmental activism that can make a real difference right now.  I am so please that CUFI has adopted the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem as its official day of prayer the first Sunday of every October, and that the Israel Experience College Scholarship will have its first CUFI student going to Israel this June to be trained up as an articulate ambassador for Israel. 

The development of CUFI has come at a truly KAIROS moment in history.  It is the embodiment of a Christian worldview taking on policy from a Biblical perspective.

I hope that you will join me in Washington D.C. on July 18-19 for these strategic meetings.  As this new voice for Israel emerges, it will be more important than ever for believers to be cooperating together in unity, speaking out to our elected officials, making the case for Israel.  For more information on how you can be involved, visit 
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* [International Wall of Prayer is counted with the others in being pro-Israel in its message and media]