by Walid Shoebat,  November 10, 2009
As our media and President [Barak Hussein Obama] trip over themselves, rushing to take the politically correct line that Radical Islam is the problem and most Muslims are peaceful; we should chalk this massacre up as just another isolated example of a religious madman gone nuts.

This is the second time this has happened in less than six months;  In June another Islamic nut job murdered a soldier in Arkansas.  Last year a Muslim Naval officer was convicted of passing information to terrorists.  In the war in Iraq in 2003 a Muslim serving in our military turned his gun on his own compatriots.  The FBI can confirm that they are watching hundreds of Mosques around the country yet we continue to protect the great "peaceful religion" of Islam in our midst.

As a Western country we cherish freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  However, in countries where Islam is in the majority, the opposite is true.  Millions of Christians have been persecuted with death, rape and the vandalizing of their churches.  There are vitually no Jews living in Muslim countries as they have already been ethnically cleansed after Israel, the Jewish State, was founded in 1948.  Why should western cultures offer tolerance of Islam when that tolerance is not reciprocated in Muslim countries toward Jews and Christians?

The argument that most Muslims are peaceful is irrelevant.  In Germany, most Germans were not Nazis but that did not stop the Nazis from taking control and terrorizing its non-Nazi population.  Even if the majority of Muslims are not terrorists or do not support terror, they have shown neither the ability nor the desire to reign in the terrorist element.  Because Islam is classified by ignorant people as just a religion, they cannot wrap their minds around the fact that Islam is also a movement that is political, ideological, and all-encompassing.  It is the same as Nazism but worse because in this politically correct culture, we focus only on its religious component but fail to study its politcal and aggressive militaristic nature in history as well as what is happening today.  We also deny or ignore the atrocities and genocides committed by Islam in order to dominate its empire as well as spreading itself through its military plunder.

Any scholar of Islam recognizes the legalized deception allowed and encouraged by Islamic Shariah law to spread its faith.  For example, CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) has been exposed as a covert terror organization and the FBI has broken its ties with them because of their terror connections.  CAIR just denounced the Fort Hood Massacre as not becoming of the Islamic faith, yet there is overwhelming evidence that privately they support such atrocities.

What might you say we should do to combat this threat?  We at the Shoebat Foundation are not afraid to speak the truth and it is obvious what we should do.

First, we must discharge all Muslims who work for the Military, the FBI, the CIA, DHS or other counter-terror organizations.  While Muslims who might be loyal to the USA will suffer, we must at the same time recognize that we cannot judge whether a Muslim is loyal or not,
but based on the ideology of a true Muslim and based on the teachings of the Quran and Hadith we know that the objective of Islam is to subjugate all under its yoke. Since deception and lying are allowed under Shariah law, these are facts that we must face and deal with head on.

Offending Muslims!?  Please!  As an American I am offended that Muslims - radical or not - think they can kill and maim Americans because their book says it is ok to do so.  Aren't you?  I am offended that the "peaceful" Muslims are not reigning in the "radicals".  I am offended that Muslims openly show hostility toward Jews and have an anti-Semitic bent that is embedded in their faith.  I am offended as an American that a Muslim took about $500,000 worth of free education provided by the American tax payer to become a doctor and then preached hatred of the country that gave him that opportunity.  A Muslim was given a better life and then turned his gun on his fellow American soldiers because Allah said that it was a good thing to do.

Wake up America or else the next time 9/11 might look like a very small man-made disaster compared to what might come our way if we continue to enable our President's [Barak Hussein Obama's] ideological suicide pact with the American people.
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