Pamela Geller's Speech, April 25, 2010
Unabridged Text of Pamela Geller's Speech at Pro-Israel Rally Against Obama's Anti-Israel Policies.  Many of you have asked me for the text of the remarks I made at the Pro-Israel rally this past Sunday.  Much thanks to the Don for transcription.  I have included the whole text, including what I edited out on the podium for the sake of time.

(Thanks to Chaim for above snap).


First of all, I want to thank my Yid Army for showing up.  I love my Yid Army!  Thank you so much for coming out in the rain.  And thank you, Beth, for putting this together.  I think it's appropriate that it's raining.  There's a reason why it's raining.  For the first time in American history, we have an anti-Israel president.  His premise is false.  The narrative is false.  The Islamization of the narrative must stop.  (Cheers).  It must stop with the truth.  And truth is the new hate speech.  (Cheers).

I ask you, what is a settler?  I reject that term.  I don't want anyone ever to use it again.  It's a Jew living in the Jewish homeland.  There are no settlers in Israel.  What is the West Bank?  It is not the West Bank.  It is Judea!  Jew-dea and Samaria.  There is no occupation except the Muslim occupation of Israel.  (Cheers).

I ask you also:  Where does history start?  Where should we start history?  Who decides?  Should it start 5,768 years ago, with the Jewish people?  Should it start l,400 years ago with Muhammad, when he beheaded an entire tribe of Jews of Medina, the Qurayzah tribe?  Who decides?  Should it start in 1921, when the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem wiped out the Jews in Hebron?  Does it start in 1929, when the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem wiped out the Jews again?  Does it start in 1941, when the Mufti went to Iraq and aligned with Rashid Ali and wiped out the Jews in Iraq?  Where does it start?  I am asking you.  The Old Testament has over 700 references to Jerusalem.  The Koran has none.  Jerusalem is the history of the Jewish people. 

Jerusalem is the heart of the Jewish people, the symbol, the icon of our people.  And that is why the Muslim invader must capture and conquer it.  Why did Islamic jihad attack and destroy the World Trade Center on September the 11th?  Because it is the icon, the symbol of the financial power of the U.S., the center of the economic engine of this great country.  Why did Islamic jihad attack and destroy the Pentagon on September the 11th?  Because it is the icon, the symbol of the greatest military power the world has ever known.

Why did Islamic jihad attempt to attack and destroy the White House and the Capital Building on September the 11th?  Because they are the icons, the symbols of the epicenter of power and leadership in the United States.  And so it is for Jerusalem. 

The new narrative is that Zionism is racism.  So how far away is that from Judaism is racism?  We are five to ten years away from Europe, Europe that President Obama wants so desperately to emulate.  You ask your brethren in the New Europe.  You ask them what it's like if they wear a kippah in parts of Belgium, and Copenhagen, London, Paris.  That's where we're going.  How dare President Obama jab his finger in the chest of Netanyahu while bowing to the Muslim King of Saudi Arabia!  (Cheers).

I implore you to reject Jewish leadership that has failed the Jewish people in Israel.  I tell you that six milion Jews are crying and calling out from their graves.  And you know what they're saying.  They're saying, stop fetishizing us.  Stop building memorials to us.  What you should be doing is saving the six million in Israel, when the next Holocaust is being planned.  (Cheers).

You hold your elected officials, you hold them to account.  People say, what can I do?  You can do a lot of things.  You get involved in local elections.  Chuck Schumer yesterday decides to make nice towards Israel.  I'm not buying it.  We gotta dump Chuck!  We gotta dump Schumer!  Dump Chuck!  Dump Chuck!  Dump Chuck (crowd cheers and chants).

This man came out against the nomination of Ambassador John Bolton, who, by the way, was the greatest friend of Israel this country ever had!  (cheers).

We're gonna hold elected officials, you get involved.  Listen.  If history has taught us anything, anything, it is that the individual can change the course of human events.  Today is the beginning.  I tell you, we reject Jewish leadership.  Why didn't Hoenlein tell the Jewish day schools to be here?  Why aren't the Jewish groups here?  Are we going to replicate our failure during World War II when we backed Steven Wise and not Peter Bergson?  You think you are safe here in America.  Don't you think Jews in Poland, who lived there for a thousand years and had a rich history there, felt safe?  It was the Israel of Europe, and yet millions were wiped out in only a couple of years.  You are not safe. 

I ask you to join the new organization that I started with Robert Spencer, called Stop Islamization of America.  Go to facebook.  Go to facebook.  SIOA.  Because frankly, what you have, is you have an Islamicized President.  And it's just one man, and we have righteousness on our side.  So as I leave you today, I implore you:  Go to my blog, You cannot trust the corrupt, criminal media, who demonize Israel at every turn.  And remember:  We've got HaShem!  We've got HaShem!  We've got HaShem!  We've got HaShem!  Thank you!  (Cheers).

UPDATE:  Pamela over at Vigilant Squirrel Brigade has video of all the speeches here.
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