Janek Skarzynski
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in January at the monument to victims of the Nazi death camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau
(Janek Skarzynski/Government Press Office).  May 14 will mark the State of Israel's 62nd year as an independent nation.

The Jerusalem Post -- in a much - anticipated  speech at Auschwitz-Birkenau in January, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reasserted the Jewish people's right to self-defense amid increasing concern over the Iranian threat and growing controversy over the legitimacy of Israel and its military.

"From the cursed ground of Auschwitz-Birkenau and other camps rise the voices of our brothers and sisters, our people who choked to death and were burned and murdered," said the Prime Minister in English, wishing "decency, truth and hope...for all mankind" before switching to Hebrew, "The language the Nazis sought to exterminate."

"Remember what Amalek did to you," cautioned Netanyahu, quoting a particular ominous passage from Deuteronomy.  "I have come here today from Jerusalem to tell you:  We will never forget.  We will not allow the Holocaust deniers or those who desecrate [Jewish] graves and signs to erase or distort [our] memory."

He also warned that though the "Nazi Amalek" is a ghost of the past, "a new Amalek is appearing and once again threatening to annihilate the Jews.  We will not allow it.... We will never forget and always stand guard," he said.

"Murderous hatred must be stopped in its tracts, stopped right from the beginning.  All countries in the world must learn this lesson, just as we did after losing a third of our people in blood-soaked Europe.  We learned that the only guarantee for the protection of our people is the State of Israel and its army, the IDF," Netanyahu declared, warning that never again would the existence of Israel and the Jewish people be threatened.

Israel, he said, must stand at the forefront of all civilized nations and warn them about impending danger, while also preparing to defend itself against all threats.  "I promise, as head of the Jewish State, that never again will we allow the hand of evil to sever the life of our people and our state," he solemnly added.

"Am Yisrael Chai [Hebrew, "The Nation of Israel Lives"].  We have returned to our homeland, to the land of our forefathers, to Jerusalem, our capital.  We have converged from all corners of the world, Holocaust survivors, Arab Jews, Jews from former Soviet Union states, Ethiopian Jews," Netanyahu said, rebuking those who claim the Jewish population of Israel is comprised mostly of immigrants from Europe. 

"We bow our heads in memory [of Holocaust Victims] and raise our heads as our flag waves with its two blue stripes and the Star of David at its center.  We still haven't lost our hope."
Israel My Glory  A Ministry of the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc., May/June 2010, pg. 20
Isaiah 46:13
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