Jews Still Coming Home

by  Editor of Arutz Sheva
The Jewish Agency has begun to expand and streamline its operations in Argentina in light of the mushrooming demand by Argen-tine Jews to immigrate to Israel.  Some 1,500 Jews have applied for immigration information in the past two weeks.  Jewish Agency Chairman Sallai Meridor, who paid a fact-finding mission to Argentina this week, reported afterwards that the economic situation of the 200,000-strong Argentine Jewish community is very grave.

Fifty Israeli mayors have already pledged their support to take in immigrants and assist them in finding employment and sources of help for other needs. Meridor quoted a recent Jewish Agency survey that revealed that 80% of Israeli Jewish adults favor increasing government expenditure to promote and aid immigration to Israel.  "The people of Israel believe in aliyah," he said.  He noted that France and South Africa also constitute important potentials for immigration, and the Jewish Agency plans to increase its expenditures there by 30% and 90%, respectively.
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