by Shalom Freedman
In 1998, Rabbi Daniel Gordis, dean of the University of Judaism's Rabbinical School in Los Angeles, came to Israel with his wife and three children for a year's sabbatical and decided to stay.  His boss suggested that his decision to stay was "irrational, except if you figure in destiny."

"And that's the issue - destiny," Gordis writes in his new book.  If A Place Can Make You Cry:  Dispatches from an Anxious State.  "It's about feeling that we belong here, fit in better here than we ever did in the States.  The States was a great place to live, and both of us love a lot about it.  But it always seemed to us that we were tolerated there - while here, the place is made for us. 
It's the difference between being a guest and being at home."
Book Review:
The Jerusalem Post, November 2002
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