PM SHARON'S SPEECH TO "BIRTHRIGHT 2003" PARTICIPANTS [Revised due terror attack] 
Israel Government Press Office
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's
Message to Birthright Participants
January 5, 2003

I am sorry that I cannot stay here with you, but you all heard about the brutal terror attack that happened tonight in Tel Aviv.

I am going from here to a security consultation, but I wanted to come and speak to you.  It was important to me because of what happened tonight.

We see again today the severe nature of the things the State of Israel is facing.

Our goal is to stop the brutal terror, and to achieve calm and quite.  Only when the brutal terror is stopped, only then will we then be able to talk peace.

All attempts to reach a cease-fire, even today, are failing due to the Palestinian leadership that continues to support, fund and initiate terror.

We want you to make Aliyah to Israel.  Everything we are going through now is to insure that you and your children will be able
to live here in quiet, that you will be able to invest all your efforts in science, technology, agriculture and electronics, and make the wilderness bloom.  This is the land of milk and honey.  We are a unique and wonderful people - a people of virtue.  We are making every effort to insure that you will be able to invest everything in these wonderful things.  I am sure that after we achieve quiet,
and a cessation of the murderous terror that we are witness to today, you, and all of us, will achieve it. 
The answer to what we have today in Tel Aviv is one - our Zionist way and first of all Aliyah.  We want you to come to Israel, we need you here, now more than ever.

I am sorry that I have to leave you, but when I look at you thousands of young people,
I know that we can look forward with optimism and know that together with you we can fulfill all the dreams of the Jewish people. We need you with us here in Israel
now more than ever.

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