by Avigail Applebaum
I meet people everyday who, like myself, would give anything to get to Israel  but are ineligible for the Birthright program (publicized in their ad in your Dec. 2 issue), because they have already been to Israel on a program.  These are the dedicated
people who are defending Israel's name on campus, who were beaten by the pro-Palestinians at Concordia, who fight everyday against all the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric. 

As Birthright can't find enough eligible participants to fill its quotas since the outbreak of the intifada it should also fund people who want to go but are ineligible.  These people will undergo leadership training or do volunteer work while in Israel.

How can we, as a community, continue to condone the loss of a chance to send a Jew to Israel when that Jew wants so badly to
go and Israel needs them so much?  Jewish communties worldwide must send their future leaders to Israel -- they are literally begging to go. 
The Jerusalem Report, Letters pg. 4,  January 13, 2003
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