by News from Hebron
November 19, 2002
The new neighborhood, soon to be developed between Kiryat Arba and Hebron, has been named Gedudei Giborim, which means "The Heros' Battalions."  The letters of these two words, in Hebrew, are an acronym, commemorating the names of the twelve men killed on Friday night.

Families have started moving into the new neighborhood, living in tents and huge containers.  One family from Kiryat Arba moved into a container with their two small children, and today welcomed visitors from around the country.  Late this afternoon
a bus of young women from Gush Katif arrived, first visiting and consoling families of the murdered Kiryat Arba emergency squad, and distributing toys to their children and children of those wounded.  They then visited Gedudie Giborim and heard a lecture from Rabbi Uzi Sharbaf, Rabbi of the Avraham Avinu Synagogue in Hebron.

A special ceremony, marking the first week following the massacre, is scheduled for Saturday night, at the neighborhood.  In the meantime, talks are continuing with major political leaders concerning the necessary permits to allow beginning of construction at the site.
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