by M. Basilea Schlink
Everlasting, Almighty G-D, from all the nations of the world You have
chosen Israel to be Your very own.  You chose them not for their
numbers, as they are one of the smallest nations, but because they are
dear to You; and because You love Your people, O' eternal G-D, You
cannot bear to see them in such great suffering.

O' Father in Heaven, we cry to You, for You are a Father.  Look upon
Your people,  Your children.  See how they are oppressed on all sides.
Even when they have done no wrong, they are given the blame.  Loving
Father, how that must grieve Your heart, for they are Your beloved
people, who are yet to be of significance to the whole world.  Protect
Your people, deliver them from their enemies.

Make Your goodness known to them, come to their aid.  Kindle in the
hearts of Your people the flame of hope in the darkness now engulfing
them, O' Father of compassion and G-D of all comfort.  Amen.
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