[Author Unknown]

Scattered by G-D's avenging hand,
Afflicted and forlorn;
Sad wanderers from their pleasant land;
Do Judah's children mourn;
And e'en in Christian countries;  few
Breathe thoughts of pity for the Jew.

Yet, listen Gentile, do you love
The Bible's precious page?
Then let your heart with kindness move
To Israel's heritage;
Who traced those lines of love for you?
Each sacred writer was a Jew.

And then as years and Ages passed;
And nations rose and fell;
Though clouds and darkness oft were cast
O'er captive Israel;
The oracles of G-D for you
Were kept in safety by the Jew.

And when the great Messiah came
For guilty man to bleed,
He did not take an angel's name,
No - born of Abraham's seed -
Y'shua Jesus, who gave His life for you,
The gentle Savior was a Jew.

And though His own received Him not;
And turned in pride away;
Whence is the Gentile's happier lot?
Are you more just than they?
No; G-D in pity turned to you -
Have you no pity for the Jew?

Go, then, and bend your knee to pray
For Israel's ancient race;
Ask the dear Savior every day
To call them by His grace;
Go, for a debt of love is due
From Christian Gentiles to the Jew.
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[It was through the scattering of the Chosen People, Israel, that the nations of the world have come to know the one and
only true and living G-D.  For that, all Christians everywhere owe the Jews a great debt of gratitude.]