Issued by His Eminence HaRav Mordecai Eliyahu, Shlita, June 4, 2003
May it be Your will HaShem, our G-D and G-D of our forefathers, that with the might of the twenty-two
letters of Your Holy Torah, which we received at Mount Sinai, that You opened the Heavenly Gates for
Yehonatan Ben Malka: 
the Gates of Healing and Cures;  the Gates of Health;  the Gates of Joy;  The Gates
of Redemption;  the Gates of Freedom;  the Gates of Splendor and Glory;  the Gates of Merit;  the Gates
of Compassion;  the Gates of Gladness;  the Gates of Goodness;  the Gates of Salvation;  the Gates of
Atonement;  the Gates of Goodheartedness;  the Gates of Forgiveness;  the Gates of Pleasantness;  the
Gates of Reliance;  The Gates of Assistance;  the Gates of Liberty;  the Gates of Righteousness;  the Gates
of Mercy;  the Gates of Happiness;  and the Gates of Return. 
May all of the righteouss deeds he has done
for the Nation of Israel be remembered before You and may they rise before Your Throne of Mercy to
plead for good for him;  and may he be granted the merit, along with his wife, Esther Yocheved bat Rayzl
Bracha, to build a faithful Home in Israel;  and may they be blessed with whole and healthy sons and
daughters, and Your Name will be Sanctified publicly!  May the verse
"Take me out of confinement to
praise Your Name"
(Psalms 142) be fulfilled for him!  Do so for the sake of Your Right Hand;  do so for
the sake of Your Righteousness;  do so for the sake of Your Holiness;  do so for the sake of Your Divine
Presence;  do so for Your own Name's Sake;  do so for the sake of Your Torah.  May the words of my
mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your presence, Eternal!  My Rock and My
Phonic Transliteration of Special Prayer for Jonathan Pollard
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