by Chris Mitchell, CBN Middle East Bureau Chief
King David wrote the Psalms in the city of Jerusalem thousands of years ago. --
JERUSALEM- For more than three years, frustration has been building in Israel over the onslaught of deadly terror
attacks.  Recently, one Israeli commentator suggested a seldom-used weapon in the war on terror:  the power of prayer.

Since the beginning of the Palestinian Intifada, more than 1,000 Israelis have died in terror attacks.  The recent suicide at Ashdod
was one of the most frightening.  It had the potential to kill thousands of Israelis.

Michael Freund writes for the Jerusalem Post and directs Amishav, an organization committed to helping return the lost ten tribes
to Israel.  Freund says
"Many of us feel powerless or helpless to do something about the situation."

He believes Christians and Jews need to employ a seldom-used weapon in the war against terror.

"I think that many of us have overlooked what is perhaps our most powerful weapon in this struggle, and that is the power of
says Freund.

In a recent column, Freund appealed to both Christians and Jews to beseech G-D's mercy in light of this onslaught of terror.
He said,
"The fact of the matter is that our foes have already issued a call to arms, and I think it's time for us, for the Jewish
People and Christian friends of Israel, to issue a call to Psalms.  And to deploy this weapon in our struggle."

King David wrote the Psalms here in the city of Jerusalem, thousands of years ago.  The power of those words continues to
inspire hope and faith, and to bring comfort to Christians and Jews around the world.

Historically, the Psalms have strengthened Jews throughout centuries of persecution.  In the shadow of the massive terror attack
in Spain in the near mega-terror attack in Israel earlier this week, Freund says the West and Israel need to recognize they are
confronting a deep-rooted religious fundamentalism, unlike anything in modern history.

"And if our foes are resorting to their form of holy war, as it were," says Freund, "I think it's incumbent upon us not to abandon
the sacred weapons that we have in our arsenal, chief and foremost among them the power of prayer."

Freund continued,
"Supporters around the world need to pray that G-D will intervene on Israel's behalf, that He will defeat our
enemies and that He will instill our leaders with the wisdom and understanding, and the guidance that they so desperately need,
to take this country forward and to take it out of the morass that we currently find ourselves."

Freund hopes one day for an international day of prayer for Israel.  He said, "
I think that such an event -- that the echoes of such
an event -- would resound from Washington to Moscow to Tokyo but more importantly, they would resound to the Heavens
above, too." 
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