Memoirs by Eva 
(Jerusalem - October/November 2000)
I vividly remember a day in November 2000 when Shlomo,  an elderly Jewish shopkeeper,  waved my friend and me to  come inside his shop.  "Come  in!  Come  in!",  he said in a soft,  yet  authoritative voice. "Come in  and  see my  copper  work!"  Both  my  friend  and  I  were  moved  by  his  genuine hospitality.   "Stay   right   here,"   Shlomo   said,   "while  I  go   and  make  us  some  good  Israeli  coffee."  And  that's  exactly what we did.  We  stayed  and  talked  and  drank  his  wonderful coffee, impressed  by  his  beautiful,  intricately  designed  work.   We  stayed,  but  only  for  a  little  while.  Soon,  my  friend  and I heard a great commotion  coming   from  the  outside.  We'd  noticed several people  running,  including   shouting   policemen.  To  our  surprise,   a  bomb   was  detonated about 100 feet from where we  were located.  After the  explosion occurred,  Shlomo  briskly collected  our coffee cups, then said,  "O.K.,  O.K.,  you  can  leave now."  In  all  my life,   I'd never   experienced such  care  and   concern   for   my   welfare  as  I  did  that   day.   May  G-D   continue to  bless  and protect  this   precious   man  for  watching    over   two   perfect   strangers.   This  is the Israel  that the  majority  of  the  world either  doesn't  know   or  doesn't  care  to   see.  This is  the  Israel  that I have  grown  to  love,   appreciate,   and   support.  Thank  you,   Shlomo,  from  the  bottom  of  my heart!  You  are,  to me,  an  unsung  hero  amongst  heroes.
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