by D. Jacobsson, October 23, 2004
In the Name of Yahweh I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I offcr prayers for the children of Israel that their laughter will be heard  around  the  world.  I  pray  that  the G-d of Abraham,  Isaac,  Jacob  and Israel  would  grant  wisdom to His chosen  leaders.  I  pray for  the  families who have suffered   from  violence.   That  violence  ends  and  love flourishes from Israel to all of mankind.  I pray that hatred of Israel ends and a beginning of respect and non-violence grows  in  the hearts  of  those   who  live  throughout  the world.  I  offer   this   prayer   in  the   Most  Holy  Name, Whose  Name  is  Above  All  Names.  Amen  and  Amen.
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