June 4, 2005

I love Ysrael.  I am an Evangelical Christian who was raised by my Mother to love Ysrael.  When I pray, I pray for Ysrael, every time.  May Adonai bless and keep all Jews and build a hedge of protection around Ysrael.  I pray for the peace of Yerushalyem and the coming of the new Yerushaylem!  For many years I supported LIBI. When I go back to work I will do so again.  I am from South Texas so it's kind of strange for some to hear me speak fluent Hebrew.  I can't speak a lot of Hebrew yet but what I do speak is flawless.

Baruch ata Adonai Elohenu, Melek Ha Olam!

Kenneth Schustereit
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My Pastor asked me to do something for Resurrection Sunday
(c) 2004 Poem "Resurrection"  by Kenneth Schustereit
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