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Israel, could you forget the many years when time seemed at a stop,
When yellow stars in chambers went, where fires licked them up?
Could you forget the woeful cries within the deepest nights,
Cold prison gates, bones tossed in graves, heart wretching smells in sight?

Could you forget the bloodied path of human atrocites,
Where hope though faint, held a flickering flame, where men's hearts yearned to be free?
Could you forget the martyrs, whose silent voices cry?
Could you forget, could you forget, the ones whom for your freedom had died?

Could you forget your journey to Israel's welcoming shore,
As nation after nation unto you had closed their doors?
Could you forget the settlers --  Israel's blood, sweat, and tears,
Who've built, prayed, and died there throughout the many years?

Could you forget the joys you'd shared, as you watched each blossoming rose
Blooming in dry desert land, where cool nightly breezes blow?
Could you forget G-D's promise to you and to your seed?
Could you forget, could you forget HE holds the Master Deed?

Could you forget your patriarchs buried throughout your land;
Planted as a constant reminder G-D's promises forever will stand?
Could you forget the mothers of Israel, who in prayer for you have fought
For love of their precious children, as the enemies of Israel still plot?

Could you forget, O' Israel, the very blood within your veins?
Your Jewishness, JERUSALEM, G-D's dew, the summer rain?
Could you forget G-D's promise that you would be restored?
Could you forget, could you forget?  HE awaits you by JERUSALEM'S door!

[Published June 6, 1999 - The Jerusalem Post Daily Internet Edition]
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by Eva
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"Then He  [G-D] said unto me  [Ezekiel], 'Son of man,  these  bones  are  the  whole  House  of  Israel:  Behold, they say,  "Our bones are dried, and our hope  is  lost: We are  cut off from  our  parts."  Therefore prophecy  and  say unto them, thus saith the  L-RD G-D;  "Behold  O'  My   people  I  will  open  your  graves  and   cause  you  to  come  up  out  of  your  graves, and bring you  into the  land of  Israel.  And  ye shall  know  that  I  am   the   L-RD,  when  I  have  opened  your graves,  O'  My  people,  and brought you up out of  your  graves,  and  shall  put  My  Spirit   in  you,   and  ye   shall live,  and   I   shall   place   you  in  your own land: Then  shall ye  know  that I  the  L-RD have spoken  it,  and performed  it, saith  the  L-RD."'" - Ezekiel 37:11-14.
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