"Hear the Word of the L-RD, O My people. It's time", cries Blessed Be He,
"To unite My two sticks together, to bind them both unto Me.

"For too long, I've watched and waited for their envying and vexing to pass,
Their striving against one another due to former discords of the past.

"I have loved them", cries the Father.  "It has pained My heart to see
My children hating each other, while professing their love of Me.

"For too long, they've been crossing each other, beating and bruising in My Name.
Now I'll make them strength for each other; they'll no longer point their finger in blame.

"I have placed them in a hot, fiery furnace to purge them of all their dross.
While melting, they'll run altogether, becoming one glorious house.

Their oppressors will look on in wonder; no longer weakness, but strength they'll see.
As I bring My two sticks together, their enemies, in astonishment, will flee.

"For love of G-D, they'll come together; Judah and Ephraim will become one.
For MY Glory, I will perform it.  Out of all nations, MY children shall come.

"With one voice, they'll worship their Father.  With one voice, they'll lift up My Name.
With one voice, they'll love one another, united, reborn once again."
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by Eva
Published September 25, 1998 - The Jerusalem Post Daily Internet Edition
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