Poem by Eva
Although they are silenced by a curtain of iron, a wall where the echoes of life are not heard,
G-D sends forth His messengers with words of encouragement; 
They fly o'er the land on the wings of a bird.
For the cries of His children have reached the high Heavens:
"Deliver us, O' L-RD, from our enemy's hand!"
Then remembering His covenant with His servant, Abraham, 
He commands His prophets to speak to the land.
"Give up, North!" cries the Voice of Thunder,
"Give up, North, and set them free,
That they may journey to Jerusalem, to Jerusalem, to worship Me!"
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And G-D heard our prayers! Through the 70 years of the Soviet Union's existence, G-D raised up countless Jews and Christians to pray for and to publicly proclaim the plight of His children who were held as political prisoners there.  The work our G-D called us to  --  to pray,  to intercede, and to speak on behalf of those who could not speak for or defend themselves -- would one day come to fruition.  And G-D heard our prayers! We were led by His Holy Spirit to prophesy to the land:  "Give up, North!" cries the Voice of Thunder, "Give up, North, and set them free, that they may journey to Jerusalem,  to Jerusalem, to worship Me!" And G-D heard our prayers! In 1989,  that great Iron Curtain came crashing down. 

In 1986, we'd received news of "Refusnik" Anatoly (Natan) Scharansky's release from a Soviet prison cell.  This encouraging
word flooded our hearts with thanksgiving and praise unto our G-D.  Since his release from prison, Anatoly has played a major
role in helping Jews around the world to make Aliyah to the land of Israel. Presently, he is  serving as the Israeli  Minister of Housing.  The following is an open letter he'd written in 1986, expressing his heart of thanksgiving to the many who were instrumentally used of G-D to make his release possible.  The letter reads as follows:

Dear Friends,

"There are no words to adequately express to all of you my utmost thanks for the support you have given my wife, Avital, during the many years of the struggle for my freedom.

"Although the KGB never allowed me the pleasure of receiving your mail, somehow I could sense the constancy and tremendous outpouring on my behalf.  If I could, I would write a letter of thanks to each of you personally.

"I want to let you know how proud I am to have finally reached my homeland, ISRAEL.  You, the people of the free world, helped me to reach my goal.

"Our fight must go on.  Yosif Begun and all the Prisoners of Conscience, Ida Nudel, Vladimir Slepak, and all the former Prisoners of Conscience, every Jew in the Soviet Union who wishes to leave, must be given that right.

"Together we will do it!"

Anatoly [Natan] Scharansky
In 1989, that great Iron Curtain came crashing down.
by Eva, International Wall of Prayer
Until every prisoner of conscience is released and until all evil, hatred, violence, and persecution are eradicated,  let it be known
International Wall of Prayer will remain standing with those who have chosen to be a voice for the voiceless.  May G-D's mercy and justice prevail!
" I REMEMBER RUSSIA"  - Poem by Eva
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