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by Eva
There's a stirring amongst the nations
As the wind of G-D's Spirit blows.
He's opening wide the graves of His people,
Leading and guiding them home.

He's breathing "new" life into His people.
Hear the tambourines loudly playing His songs!
The dry bones in the valley are collecting.
They're no longer weak but mighty and strong.

"Who has borne these to Me?" cries Jerusalem,
"Where do they all come from?
Could this be prophecy fulfillment of
What I've been waiting for so very long?"

"Hear G-D's Voice, O' daughter of Zion,
Open wide your city's gates.
For your kinsmen will be vastly returning
At an alarming rate.

"For the hand of the L-RD is regathering. 
From all nations, His children shall come.
His mighty power will stun all the nations. 
He's now gathering His people as one.

"Hear the noise of bones come together,
Arising out of the dust.
Prepare, prepare, O' My people for
'The Mighty Exodus'."
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