[Note: After reading this poem, please also read Psalm 83. The Arab world's attitude  toward  Israel and the Jewish  people,  and  toward "Bible-believing" Christianity has not changed.  Please  pray for Israel's leaders that they will have the boldness to stand for "G-D's Heritage" in the face of Islamic and  interna-tional opinion  Please also pray for America's revival of her Judeo-Christian heritage.  True freedom and peace can only come from the G-D of Israel, the Prince of Peace  - Isaiah 9:6].

When shall peace come?  When shall it be?
When we've driven all Israel into the sea!

No!  We're not interested in her holy sites,
In her doving rabbis or Menorah lights.

We're not interested in sharing her land,
Of living beside her or taking her hand.

We'll give the world what they long to hear,
That we're truly for peace so desired, so revered.

Only, take a good look at our map designed,
Not with the name of "Israel", but of "Palestine".

Our full aim has been deception (a "hudna", if you please)
Which will eventually bring the whole world to its knees.

It's not "peace in the land" we're working toward
But the whole "piece of the land" with Allah's sword.
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by Eva