KING MANASSEH (Based on II Chronicles 33)
by Eva, International Wall of Prayer
Manasseh, Judah's king, did great evil in G-D's sight.
Just like the heathen nations, he spurned G-D's Holy Light.

Rebuilding shrines in high places that his father had torn down,
He again reared heathen altars for Baal worship all around.

He made groves for Ashtoreth throughout G-D's Holy Land.
Forbidden, evil practices which  he'd built with his own hand.

He worshipped the hosts of heaven:  The sun, the moon, and the stars;
And even worshipped the planets:  Venus, Jupiter, and Mars.

He built altars in G-D's House where G-D's Name should rest forever,
Altars for the hosts of heaven, which was no small endeavor.

He passed his children through the fire in Hinnom's evil place,
Where he'd offered them to Molech to his shame and full disgrace.

He observed the times around him through false prophets who had lied.
He used evil enchantments to invoke the "Lord of the Flies".

He used witchcraft in his worship, rebelling against G-D and His ways.
He turned to the worship of nature; to the Devil he lauded his praise.

He dealt with familiar spirits, conjuring them up from the dead:
A practice strictly forbidden, full of vile and full of dread.

He dealt with the wizards, who'd entertained him day and night.
Capturing his heart, they'd convinced him that their god had more power and might.

Manasseh provoked G-D to anger by setting an image in His House.
He caused Jerusalem to turn from the L-RD; full rebellion did he arouse.

Worse than the heathen did they do, the ones G-D destroyed off His land.
The hearts of His people were led astray by the works of their own hands.

So G-D led the Assyrian army, directed by His hand above,
To drag King Manasseh to Babylon, to punish the one whom He'd loved.

In the land of his captivity, Manasseh remembered Abraham's G-D.
And in his great humility sought after His forgiving nod.

He poured out his heart like water. he greatly humbled his soul.
He made supplications to the Father to regather him back to his fold.

Manasseh humbled himself greatly under the chastening rod of G-D,
Desiring to walk in His ways once again, renouncing his evil, pride, and fraud.

He prayed to G-D for forgiveness regarding his sinful past.
Then G-D inclined His ear to him and answered his cry at last.

So Manasseh was restored to Jerusalem to his earthly kingdom's throne.
How he'd missed his place of birth, the place that he'd called "home".

He did not waste one minute to destroy the Devil's work.
He tore down all the evil places.  In doing right, he did not shirk.

Day by day, he sought to destroy every idol off the land.
Day by day, he sought to restore all the ways of the Great IAM.

King Manasseh restored the land,
Along with the people of Judah to the G-D of Abraham.

Today, we need this message so much more than ever before.
For it's only in returning to G-D that we'll ever be fully restored.

We, too, have our own high places secret altars that must be destroyed
We, too, have turned to man-made fixes and to demons we have employed.

We've forsaken our Heavenly Father and have walked on unholy sod,
Just like King Manasseh who had turned his back on G-D.

It's time to destroy the high places and to seek after G-D's holy will.
Let us return unto G-D, O' His people that His blessings upon us be fufilled!

"[And the L-RD said unto Solomon,]
If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the  locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people; 
If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; 
Then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land" 
-  II Chronicles 7:13-14
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