G-D's Radiant Mercy

by Eva

Streams of light broke through my window
After a night of torrential rain,
Where lightning flashed and the voice of thunder
Add to my dismal pain.
The grief and anguish that I'd carried
Was much too hard for me to bear.
I'd felt abandoned and all alone,
Believing no one truly cared.
I'd wished my life would be released
To that longed for heavenly shore,
Where peace at last would comfort me
And life's struggles would be no more.
Tired and weary, I'd fallen asleep,
Leaving all cares and burdens behind.
I'd dreamt that I was lifted up
To joys unspeakable pure and divine.
Soaring high on eagles wings,
Far above the mountain heights,
The "child" in me reached out and touched
The beautiful stars that lit up the night.
Forgotten was my pain-filled heart,
Which cried out from a wounded soul.
All hurt had vanished, as did my fears,
Leaving me healed and ever wit whole.
Refreshed, renewed, I soon awakened
To blessed hope and peace sublime.
G-D's radiant mercy had greeted me
As it had greeted me time after time.
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