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(Poetry by Eva)
"And I will make of  thee a great nation;  and I will bless thee,  and make thy name great;  and  thou shall  be a blessing;  and
I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee;  and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed"
- -  Genesis 12:2-3
A Haven of Rest
A "Hudna", If You Please!
A Mother's Heart [Jerusalem]
Apocalypse... For Such a Time!
A Traveling Prayer Poem
A Welcoming Choice
All You Need Do Is Obey
Allow Him To Heal Your Heart
Always Trust in G-D's Plan and Design
Arise to the Watchman's Call!
Awaiting Her L-RD's Return
Away With All that Weighs You Down
Because I Am A Christian
Because They're Jews
Beneath The Brush of Angel's Wings
Betrothed to Amazing Grace
Blessed Savior, Redeemer And King
Burn A Passion Within Me
Burn Bright With Holy Flame!
By Divine Right!
Children of The Wilderness
Clothe Me In Your Light
Come, Sweet Holy Spirit
Come, Ye Enemies of Israel!
Comfort Ye My People
Comforter, Counselor, Helper & Friend
Consume Me in Your Light
Day by Day ...
Diamond Tears
Don't Think it Cannot Happen to You!
"E-l-i-j-a-h,  Rest!"
Ever Moved by Compassion
Faith Looks To G-D
Faith's Reward
Falashas [Ethiopian Jews]
Famine In The Land
For Jerusalem's Sake!
For Love of You and Me
For Love of You, For Want of You ...
For Your Glory, L-RD ...
Free Me to Serve You, Dear L-RD!
From Gamla to Jerusalem
Give Glory to The King of Kings
Give Me Hope for Tomorrow
G-D is Bound By His Word Divine
G-D is My Hope and Refuge
G-D's Beautiful Garden
G-D's Eternal Light
G-D's Holy Word A Myth?
G-D's House Forever Will Stand!
G-D's Mercy!
G-D's Radiant Mercy
G-D's Wrath Is Just!
Grandpa's Priceless Book
Guardian of My Soul
He Will Lead You Like A Shepherd
He's Everything & More To Me
Heaven's Most Valuable Prize
Higher, Ever Higher
Higher, L-RD, in You
His Word is His Voice ...
Hold Tight To My Word, Child!
Holy, Holy, Holy Is Your Name
How Slow We Are
I Call Upon Thee, Israel's  G-D
I Drew Jerusalem to Me
I Hear Jerusalem Crying
I Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem
I Remember Russia
I Sought Thee, L-RD
I Will Bear Witness...
I Will Not Fear!
If I Forget Thee O' Jerusalem

f You'll  Only Believe
In Adoration And In Praise
In G-D I Trust!
In His Name ...
In My Name, Possess Your Land
In The Light of G-D's Love
Israel, A Constant Reminder
Israel, A Miracle

Israel, Could You Forget?

Israel:  One Nation Under G-D
Israel, Stand Your Ground!
Israel's Dream Come True
It's Time, O' Israel, To Take Your Stand
Jerusalem, House of Prayer
Jerusalem, I'll Never Let You Go!
Jerusalem, MY Bride
Jerusalem, My Heart, My Soul
Jerusalem, My Mother
Jerusalem's Rampart Walls
Journey to Jerusalem
JUDGE of All Judges
Just Inside of Eden's Door
King Manasseh - II Chronicles 33
Kristallnacht:  Night of Broken Glass
Land for Peace?
Let Me Go Over And See The Land
Let Me Have My Way
Let MY People Go!
Lift Up Your Voices for The Suffering
Listen For That Shofar Sound
L-RD G-D of Compassion
L-RD, Lead Me Home
L-RD, Open My Eyes...
L-RD, Work in Me
Maybe Tomorrow
Meet With G-D in Prayer
Mother's of Israel Fight!
My Beloved
My Father, G-D and King
My Portion and Glory Forever
My Shepherd is Always Near
My Soul Thirsts For You
Need I Ever Doubt G-D's Love...
"Never Again!"
Never Give Up!  Never Lose Hope!
Newness of Life Is Promised Again...
"Next Year in Jerusalem!"
No Greater Love I'll Find
No Matter How Tall The Mountain
No More Canaanites in the House of G-D!
No Time For G-D.
Not My Will,  But Thine, Father
O' Righteous One, I Stand in Awe..
O' Sing Sweet Songs of Victory
Ode to the Holy Prophets of Old
On Silvered Wings of Prayer
On The Wings of A Bird
On The Wings of My L-RD
One Day At A Time
Only Doing G-D A Service?
Onward Upward, Hand in Hand
Our G-D is Faithful
Our Provider
Please Come Into My Heart Today
Precious Stones
Redemption's Sweet Song

Remember O' Israel

Return, Israel!

Return That You Might Live!

Righteousness Exulteth A Nation ...
Rise Above It!
Sacred Sanctuary
Salvation Comes From The L-RD ...
Save Me L-RD or Else I Die
Scatter Seeds of Kindness
Seasons Come and Seasons Go
Set The Watch In The Night!
Shalom Means Peace...

Shema Yisrael ..
Sing The Sweet Song of Victory
Sodom & Gomorrah Would Blush!
"Soon, Jerusalem, Soon!"
Surrender Your Heart
Sweet Promise of Redemption
Sweet Song of Praise
Take Time For G-D
The Author and Finisher of My Song
The Big Sky Parade
The Door to Heaven
The Drought
"The Hour is Come..."
The L-RD is
The Master
The Mighty Exodus
The Potter's Wheel
The Rebirth of A Nation
The Still Small Voice of G-D
The Sun Still Shines
The Traveler
The Virtuous Woman
The Watchman's Prayer
The White Rose Remembered
The Yom Kippur War
There's A Better Day A Coming
There's A World Full of People
There's No G-D Like Jehovah
'Til I Reach My Heavenly Home
Treblinka Cries Out!
True Peace Can Be Found
Unto You O' L-RD ...
Uplifter of My Soul, Arise!
Walk With Him Each Day
Watch What I'll Do; Wait And See
What Bountiful Blessings
What Mighty Men!
"What Price Freedom?"
What Say Those Passing Pilgrims?
When Messiah Comes
When The Storm Winds Blow
Who Among You For G-D Will  Stand?
Who Will Love These Souls to Me?
Who Will Weep For The Children?
Whom Will You Follow?
Why Should I Fear Tomorrow?
Will Your Heart Be Fully Mine?
Woe To Those Who Go Down To Egypt
Woe to You Shepherds of Israel
Why Should I Fear Tomorrow?
You Are The Treasure I Hold Dear
You, L-RD,  Sustain Me Still
Your Presence is Ever Near
Your Word Is The Rock on Which I Stand!
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"Arise, shine; for thy Light is come, and the Glory of the L-RD is risen upon thee"  -- Isaiah 60:1