by Eva, International Wall of Prayer

"Woe to those who go down to Egypt,
Who plant their trust in man,
Who trust in chariots and in horses
Instead of the Great I AM!

"Heed My voice, O' My people.
Obey Me and do what's right.
Turn far away from your wicked ways,
And walk ye in My Light.

"For I'd delivered you from the House of Bondage,
With a mighty and outstretched hand,
To lead and guide you by My Spirit
Into the Promised Land.

"Return unto Me, O' prodigal daughter.
Learn to walk in all My ways.
Establish your faith in My Holy Word
And follow Me all your days.

"Yes, woe to those who go down to Egypt
For help in their time of need!
But blessed are those who trust in their G-D
And follow wherever I lead!"
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