107th Congress, 2nd Session, H. RES. 392
May 2, 2002
5/2/2002 Passed/Agreed to in House.  Latest Status:  On motion to suspend the rules and agree to the resolution, as amended agreed to by recorded vote (2/3 required):  352 - 21.

Expressing solidarity with Israel in its fight against terrorism.  (Introduced in the House)  107th Congress, 2nd Session, H. RES. 392.


Mr. DELAY (for himself, Mr. LANTOS, Mr. ACKERMAN, Mr. GILLMAN, Mr. FROST, Mr. BLUNT, Mr. CROWLEY, Mr. REYNOLDS, Mrs. LOWEY, Mr. CANTOR, Mr. WAXMAN, Mr. BERMAN, Mr. WEXLER, Mr. ENGEL, Mr. CARDIN, Ms. BERKLEY, Mr. SCHIFF, Mr. DEUTSCH, Mr. NADLER, and Ms. SCHAKOWSKY)  submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on International Relations

Expressing solidarity with Israel in its fight against terrorism.

Whereas the United States and Israel are now engaged in a common struggle against terrorism and are on the front-lines of a conflict thrust upon them against their will;

Whereas hundreds of innocent Israelis and Palestinians have died tragically in violence since September 2000;

Whereas Palestinian organizations are engaging in an organized, systematic, and deliberate campaign of terror aimed at inflicting as many casualties as possible on the Israeli population, including through the use of suicide terrorist attacks;

Whereas the number of Israelis killed during that time by suicide terrorists attacks alone, on a basic proportional to the United States population is approximately 9,000.  Three times the number killled in the terrorists attacks on New York and Washington
on Sept. 11, 2001;

Whereas Yasser Arafat and members of the Palestinian leadership have failed to abide by their commitments to non-violence
made in the Israel-PLO Declaration of Principle (the 'Oslo Accord') of Sept. 19, 1993, including their pledges
(1)  to adhere strickly to  'a peaceful resolution to the conflict'  (2) to resolve 'all outstanding issues relating to permanent status through negotiations'.  (3) to renounce 'the use of terrorism and other acts of violence' and  (4) to 'assume responsi-bility over all PLO elements and personnel in order to assure their compliance (with the commitment to non-violence), prevent violence, and discipline violators ' ;

Whereas the continued terrorism and the incitement committed, supported, and coordinated by official arms of the Palestinian Authority or a direct violation of these commitments;

Whereas forces directly under Yasser Arafat's control -- particularly, the Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigades, which is part of Arafat's Fatah organization and has been designated a 'Foreign Terrorist Organization' by the United States Government -- have murdered scores of innocent Israelis;

Whereas Yasser Arafat was directly involved in the Palestinian Authority's thwarted attempt to obtain 50 tons of offensive weapons shipped from Iran in the Karine-A, an effort that irrefutably proved Arafat's embrace of the use and escalation of violence;

Whereas documents seized by Israel from offices of the Palestinian Authority demonstrate the crucial financial support the Palestinian Authority continues to provide for terrorist acts,  including suicide bombers;

Whereas the recent escalation of Palestinian attacks killing 46 Israelis during the week of Passover, included a heinous suicide-bombing at a religious ceremony which killed 27 and wounded more than 100, many critically and was perpetrated by a known terrorist whom Israel had previously asked Yasser Arafat to arrest;

Whereas this suicide attack occured at the very time United States Envoy General Anthony Zinni was attempting to negotiate a cease-fire that would lead to the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian political negotiations;

Whereas, just before the Passover attack, Israel had agreed to General Zinni's cease-fire proposals,  whereas Yasser Arafat rejected them;

Whereas Yasser Arafat continues to incite terror by, for example, saying of the Passover suicide bomber, 'Oh G-d, give me a martyrdom like this';

Whereas Yasser Arafat and the PLO have a long history of making and breaking anti-terrorists pledges;

Whereas President George W. Bush declared at a joint session of Congress on September 20, 2001 '(f)rom this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime';

Whereas President Bush recently stated that he 'fully understands Israel's need to defend herself'' and that he 'respect(s) 'the fact that Israelis have 'seen a wave of suicide bombers coming to the heart of their cities and killing innocent people';

Whereas President Bush, in his speech of April 4, 2002, stated that 'the situation in which he (Arafat) finds himself today is largely on his own making''; that Arafat ' missed his opportunities, and thereby betrayed the hopes of the people he's supposed to lead';  and that, '(g)iven his (Arafat's) failure, the Israeli government feels it must strike at terrorism networks that are killing its citizens';

Whereas Israel's military operations are in effect to defend itself against the unspeakable horrors of ongoing terrorism and are aimed only at dismantling the terrorists infrastructure in the Palestinian areas, an obligation Arafat himself undertook but failed to carry out; and

Whereas Israel has made clear its intention to withdraw from Palestinian areas and has already begun to do so:  Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the House of Representatives --

(1) Stands in solidarity with Israel  as it takes necessary steps to provide security to its people by dismantling the terrorists infrastructure in the Palestinian areas;

(2)  Remains committed to Israel's right to self-defense and supports additional United States assistance to help Israel to defend itself;
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