by Emanuel A. Winston
Presently one could compile a list of various media outlets that have proven themselves repeatedly to be hostile to the Jewish State  with some hostile to Jews generally wherever they may be.

There is a mixed bag of these flagship media giants who vary in their hostility often for different reasons.  Sometimes it is merely company policy, sometimes driven by personal motives of controlling principals, sometimes it is merely a custom to which they have grown accustomed - and sometimes there is outside pressure.

That can come from investors, board members who are involved in other companies who do business with hostile Arab nations and find it necessary to transfer their pressure.

We are all familiar with the reputations of such companies as the NEW YORK TIMES,  CNN,  NBC,  BBC, CHICAGO TRIBUNE,  L.A. TIMES, NPR,  BOSTON GLOBE,  PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, 'et al'.  Many of these media conglomerates most often spout the line of the pro-Arab State Department.

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE, for example, has been hostile to Jewish interests back in the days of Col. McCormick.  That attitude seems deeply ingrained as we read the often slanted stories against Israel.  We have known the TRIB editors a collection that we have catalogued of specific media bias, including photo placement, headlines, juxtaposition of story and photo to create sympathy for the plight of the Arab Palestinian people as Israel responds to terror attacks directed by their leaders and supported the Arab people.  Their response was polite and passive, in effect, rejecting evidence of their consistent bias.

Beside the flagship journals who mix their editorial content into their news, some of the radio and TV media giants have been egregious in their bias.  One of the most steady news outlets that seems to cater to the ultra Left, from the Arab point of view,
and who consistently spins the news against Israel is NPR (National Public Radio) and its local affiliates, such as WBEZ in Chicago, among others.  Its catalogued background of hostile programming against Israel is well documented.  What is not really known is Why?

These relevant questions have to be asked:  Is Arab funding through front organizations flowing into NPR and its management mandating this hostility?  Are some of the foundations who fund NPR demanding this anti-Israel programming, either overtly, namely through contract or covertly, that is a non-written but implicit understanding?

NPR has several large contributing foundations such as the Ford Foundation, etc.  Are any of these Foundations particulary active in funding pro-Arab interests in America or overseas?

Let us look at the Ford Foundation.  It is no secret that Henry Ford, during his lifetime, espoused a pathological hatred of the Jewish people and was a great admirer of Adolph Hitler.  Neil Baldwin, in his well-researched book:  "Henry Ford and the Jews:  The Mass Production of Hate" (1) tracks Ford's numerous enterprises wherein he is shown to be so consumed with hatred for Jews that he starts a newspaper, seemingly dedicated to castigating the Jews.

Ford handed out the vicious forged "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" fabricated in Russia and dedicated to proving the elders of Zion's plan to take over the world.  There is a reprint in Baldwin's book of an article printed in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE on March 8, 1923 by "Heinrich (Henry) Ford", written with admiring comments about Adolph Hitler.  This book by Baldwin must be read to understand the depth of hatred this man had for the Jewish people.

One must also begin to wonder what other institutions of Heinrich Ford's time shared his hatred and what legacy did they leave
in their own foundations?

With that in mind, would any Foundation he funded in his lifetime or in his will, to carry forward as a mandate what was his pathological, passionate and consuming focus on the Jews?  Would the Ford Foundation carry in its charter and bylaws or instructions to pursue his passion by funding other institutions like NPR to carry on his "work"?

Could that be exposed through discovery in any class action brought against NPR or Ford Foundation if there was cause?  Of course, could it be the other Foundations may have similiar attitudes and mandates established by their founders?  All of this, of course, is merely speculative but useful in searching for the root cause of NPR's unshakable hostility to the Jewish State.


Perhaps the best reason for researching this issue is the example set by Goebbels who co-opted the Media of the day to prepare
the minds of Germans and eventually all of Europe to accept and collaborate in the Nazis' Genocide of the Jews.  The Media was accomodating and persuaded Christian Europe that rouding up and killing the Jews was the right thing to do - so they did what
was asked of them.

Today for example, when the Media falsely accuses the Jews of Israel with massacring 'innocent' Palestinians in Jenin, are they
not once again preparing the minds of TV viewers and readers of newspapers that attacking Jews is the right thing to do? 
Even when the hostile U.N. reluctantly released a report that no massacre occurred, those news giants either refused to publish a retraction or simply ignored their provocative and baseless accusations. Clearly this is actually a declared war with new rules, using language and word magic to promote killing.

Perhaps a class action lawsuit naming those companies, news anchors, reporters, journalists known for spinning the news, would clear the air.  If the tobacco companies can be successfully sued for $300 Billion or the victims of 9/11 can sue the perpetrators for a Trillion Dollars, why can't a class action be undertaken against the media for preparing for what could be another Genocide?

The use of hostile propaganda is not merely a passive message of hate but a known weapon of psychological warfare that has often demonstrated its potential to kill more people (Jews) in Europe than all of the bombs dropped in WWII.  (Let's find the
legal minds who can put together a class action suit against those media giants and financial supporters who use the media as a weapon against the Jewish people.)


1.  "Henry Ford and the Jews:  The Mass Production of Hate" by Neil Baldwin
Public Affairs a member of the Perseus Books Group New York City 2001
Winston Mid East Analysis & Commentary, August 22, 2002.
Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator: 
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