by Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, April 30, 2004

The following announcement and prayer have been distributed throughout Israel. 
The original Hebrew is available at:
This is a translation of a short letter written by Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu:

On Sunday a  referendum  is due to  take place of all  Likud members,  dealing  with our faith  and security in
G-D,  and dealing with our grasp of Eretz Yisrael [the land and people of Israel].  We can sense that
"Without G-D  being with us, our lives would be nothing," therefore we turn to all those active to pray for the success of the  referendum every hour that they can,  when they are in need of  strength and  Divine assistance during their holy work.

We request that all teachers in all the  schools and yeshivot spend  time praying with their students,  to streng-then the hearts of the voters, that they should vote with faith in G-D and with security in His Holy Name, with love.  We  pray  also to  strengthen the  hearts of all those  working  with  great dedication  over the  past few weeks,  encouraging  those who may be weak  and hold up failing knees.  May  it be His Will that G-D should help us succeed.

The order of prayer:  Those in schools and at home:  Say the enclosed prayer anywhere  and at any time. Also Psalms and selichot.  And in  particular,  Psalm 119,   according to the alef-bet.  Reciting  the verses  of Eretz (alef, resh, tzadi) Eretz Yisrael (alef, resh tzadi - yod, shin, resh, alef, lamed) and Gush Katif (gimel, vov, shin, kuf, tet, yod, pe).

And may it be  G-D's will  to see  our failings,  will have mercy,  and overcome  our failings, and redeem us a
complete redemption quickly in our days.

The Rishon l' Tzion
Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, shita

(In schools children should say Psalms 83 and 142).
This is a rough translation of the Prayer for Gush Katif
(To those in synagogues, this prayer should be recited while the holy Ark is open before the reading of the Torah.)
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