Voices rising up in unison; 
Spiritual voices filling the air,
Rising up towards the throne room of Heaven.
Hear, O' Israel, hear the watchman's prayer!
The G-D of Israel has set His watchmen,
Has set them upon thine ancient walls.
Refusing to sleep nor to keep silent,
Faithful watchmen heeding their call.
Watching, listening for sounds of horsemen
Come against the Mount of G-D.
Fearless watchmen prepared for battle; 
O'er Israel's enemies they'll spiritually trod.
"Hear the ram's horn blowing, calling? 
Arise from your sleep and take your stand!
For I have called you to be My watchman
To pray for the peace of JERUSALEM."

[Published October 15, 1999 in the Jerusalem Post Daily Internet Edition]
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by Eva
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