They followed Me through the wilderness,
Through a land that was unsown;
They had a love so rich and deep
Their spirit within them groaned.
Trying to please the Father,
Yet they were so spiritually undone.
Always trying to please the Father,
Not realizing they and the Father were one
For I rode the high heavens to their rescue:
I, the G-D of Jeshurun,
Assailed in royal majesty,
More brilliant than the sun.
And as a doe longs for refreshing streams,
So did their souls for Me;
They thirsted so for the face of G-D,
They thirsted so for Me.
I, the Fountain of Life, did reign

From the beginning of eternity;
For it was from the very beginning of time,

I drew Jerusalem to Me.

[Published October 20, 1998 - The Jerusalem Post Daily Internet Edition]
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by Eva