by Eva
Before sunrise, the Heavens did open.  A ladder came down to Earth's ground.
Where Jacob, sweet Jacob was sleeping, G-D's Heavenly angels came down.

Then a Voice, the Ancient of Ancients; Liquid gold transcending like dew,
Spoke to the one who was sleeping,
"This land have I given to you.

"I, the L-RD G-D of your fathers, to Abraham and Isaac I decreed
My blessings to pour on your offspring:  Upon you and upon all your seed.

"Though I will scatter you amongst the nations, yet I will return you to this land once again.
I will do it, and no one can stay Me; you are grafted in the palm of My hand.

"Fear not, for I will be with you; I will never leave you alone.
The wind of My Spirit shall lift you, directing and leading you home".
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Published September 7, 1998
The Jerusalem Post Daily Internet Edition
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