by Eva
"Why have you rejected the voice of My prophets, those whom I've sent to you time and again
To speak comfort to you?  Only you've refused them, estranged daughter of Jerusalem.

"Why have you turned your back on My messengers with unprepared hearts to recieve?
Why do you still refuse to be comforted by the One in Whom you should believe?

"For too long, you've trusted and worshiped false idols who neither speak, see, nor have ears to hear.
You've turned from Me, O' prodigal daughter, and have forgotten in Whom you should fear!

"A curse you've become to every nation; you've been rejected and hated by man.
I've set you an example of My divine salvation; you've been judged by My righteous right hand.

"Your groanings have reached My high Heavens. I've heard your anguished loud cries
All the while your oppressors continue to drive you, hoping you'd give up and die.

"I've raised you, My daughter, to set an example before the kings of the earth,
To show forth My power through your own weakness.  For MY Glory, you were given birth.

"I'll turn around the time of your captivity. I'll redeem you, that the whole world might see
That I, even I, have never forgotten the everlasting covenant I'd made with thee.

"I'll bring you back to the place where you started to remind you of My undying love.
I'll gather you out from amongst all nations, My daughter, My precious dove.

"Your days of trouble are soon numbered and finished; your warfare is soon come to an end.
Your life of iniquity I've chosen to pardon.  It's time now for your soul to mend.

"For you've received of My hand, a double measure of the cure for all your sins. 
Your idols, where are they? From you heart, they'll all vanish, restored daughter of Jerusalem!

"My soul has be grievious for the love of My people. The time to favor ZION is come.
Repent, cry aloud, and return unto Me; I desire it, now let it be done!"
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Published October 17, 1999
The Jerusalem Post Daily Internet Edition