by Eva
Who can forget the Jewish settlers,
Inheritors of G-D's Promised Land,
Who've risked their lives for love of their nation
By boldly taking a stand?

These valliant ones, armed with seeds and shovel,
Are fearless, steadfast, and true
Defenders of their G-D given borders.
Like the Maccabees, they're faithful and few.

Who can forget the Jewish settlers?

Who can silence their stubborn, loud voice?
Who can stop them from rebuilding their homeland?
They were born to welcome this choice!
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Published July 8, 1999
The Jerusalem Post Daily Internet Edition
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"The Hebrew word "Mitnachalim" has been mistranslated as "Settlers".  The correct translation is "Inheritors".
The Jewish People are the Inheritors of the Land which the Almighty promised to their Forefathers
as an Everlasting Inheritance" 
-  Ruth Matar, Women in Green  -