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"From Gamla to Jerusalem,
Peaceful settlers will take leave
To march against all tyranny,
Standing boldly for what they believe.

These are the few but faithful
Who've helped build and establish the land,
Keeping their G-D given borders free
From the clutches of their enemies' hands.

With one voice they'll all join together. 
Heart to heart they'll all take a stand.
Hand to hand they'll all walk together,
United, they'll march through the land.

Whole communities will be coming together. 
Friends and loved ones will join in too,
Moving forward with one common endeavor:
"'Land for Peace' we must never pursue."

Who are these brave men and women,
Who'll leave all comforts behind?
They're the voice of past generations who've
Stood against tyranny in their own time.

May what they do spark a lasting flame
That the whole world might see
The love of Eretz Yisrael
Through these sons of Maccabee.

"Never again Gamla!"
Their motto is fearless and due,
A burning message to enlighten the nations:
"This land G-D gave to the Jews!"
by Eva
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Published January 25, 2000 - JPost Daily Internet Edition
Published February 2000 - Maccabean Online
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