by Eva
"Behold, I am against you, shepherds of Israel!
I will require My flock at your hands.
For you've done nothing but feed yourselves,
While My flock dies daily in the land.

"The diseased have you not strengthened
Neither have you extended My healing hand
Nor have you bound up that which was broken
Nor won back unto Me the backslidden man.

"You have not cared for the downcast, the weak,
Who've fallen prey to every beast in the field.
Therefore, I, the L-RD will seek them out.
I will search out every field.

"I will bring back those who are lost;
I will bind up the broken-hearted.
Rejection by you had caused them to stray;
I will bring them back to where they started.

"I will deliver those who are plagued by disease;
The sick in the world will I heal.
But woe unto you, shepherds of Israel,
Who've kept back from doing My will!

"For I, the 'True Shepherd' of Israel,
Will lead My flock by My Righteous Right Hand.
I will gather them by the power of My Spirit
And lead them to the Promised Land!"
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