by Eva

[A Christian's Response to Arab Hate Poem - "Because I Am A Palestinian"]
Because I am a Christian, I will pray for  you.
May your heart be opened to peace that is true.

Your hatred that drives you can never win;
Your life of destruction breeds solely from sin.

You lay down your life in vanity and pride,
But you'll awaken one day on hell's fiery side.

Your hatred and violence against Christians and Jews
Has stripped you of the
"true" peace your mind has refused.

What beautiful flowers can ever germinate
From a cold, hardened heart filled with anger and hate?

For peace dwells in the soul where salvation is found,
Not in false dreams buried deep in the ground.
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This poem is in response to the following hate poem, "Because I am a Palestinian",
by Ayman Al-Skafi  
The Middle East Media Research Institute, 2001 [Internet], <>