by Eva
Sweet blessed Flame, devouring Flame, you are my Friend.
For You silence all my fears, You banish all my doubts,
You consume me with your burning.
I am just a child, a child in need of a home
In a land that is mine.
I am tired of roaming the earth.  I am tired of eating dust.
I am tired of shadows following me.
I see in dreams, a land full, rich, and free.
It is there my heart longs. It is there my heart lives.
Awake my soul!  Awake and be clothed!
Arise upon the wings of the morning! 
For I miss my mother; 
She awaits me in that distant land, the land of my birth -- JERUSALEM. 
What distance is there in dreams? 
For the sun shines and the rain falls and
Newness of life is promised again, Israel!
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