by Eva
What is a virtuous woman?  A description you seek?
She's a G-D-fearing woman, mild mannered and meek;
A woman whose children arise and call blessed;
Who welcomes all strangers and treats them as guests;

A woman who plans for her household by night;
Who trusts in the L-RD with all of her might;
A woman who cares for her home and family;
Who leaves off from gossip and speaking idly;

A woman who invests her talents and time;
Who helps to promote G-D's wonderous design.
Her husband, well known within the city's gate,
Lifts praises to G-D for his godly mate.

She's a blessing to all and in all of her ways;
She trusts in the L-RD, whose Voice she obeys.
She teaches her children G-D's laws and commands;
And daily entrusts them into His strong, loving hands.

"What is a virtuous woman?"  There are those who would ask.
She's a G-D-fearing woman, who's been blessed with a task.
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