by Eva
Remember, Israel, the War of '73;
For truly it left its mark in world history.
Against you, my kinsmen, were all the odds. 
Only on this
Rosh Hashanah, your prayers,
As incense burning,
Touched the very heart of G-D.
There your enemies, full of lies,
Did creep in unaware, not realizing that
The G-D of Israel had both heard
And received your prayers.
As your enemies joined forces to
Come against the "Promised Land",
In stepped G-D, the G-D of your fathers,
The G-D of Abraham.
As the nations gathered 'round you
On that unforgettable day,
A greater army was released
Who would drive them all away.
It was G-D Who'd charged His angels
To fight for you on that sacred day,
Giving you the victory
No matter what the world would say.
Therefore, beloved brethren,
Remember always
Yom Kippur,
And know that your prayers of penitence
Open wide to you Heaven's door.
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