by Eva
I sought Thee, L-RD, as I took my walk,
In quiet stillness, all thoughts on You.
I sought Thee, in the sky above,
How wondrous the clouds and sky of blue.

I sought Thee in the valleys low,
Where flowers smelled of fragrance fresh,
And running through the grass so green,
To be with Thee was my fondest wish.

I sought Thee on the mountains high,
Which pierced the clouds and touched the sky.
How cool the breeze that brushed my face. 
Dear L-RD, I seek Thy face.

I sought Thee in the oceans depth. 
How deep past coral reefs and sand.
I could not reach the place of dreams,
O' how I've yearned, to touch Thy hand.

I sought Thee in the morning rain,
As I lifted my face to glistening drops.
How gently on my face they fell,
Then slid onto the earthen crops.

I sought Thee, in the noonday breeze,
To hear the echo of Thy Voice.
Only hearing the rustling of the leaves,
A swaying tree, a gentle noise.

I've sought Thee, L-RD, in so many things; 
A cocoon spunned and pretty butterfly wings.
Yet all the while, Thou wast leading me,
Twas in my heart, where I found Thee.
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