[Ode to Hans and Sophie Scholl]
by Eva
What were you thinking on that fateful day
When you were discovered basking in the light of truth,
Where no darkness could be found in you?
Fearless of evil, your spirit cried out,
But no one heard you or came to your aid --
That is, no one but the One Who had mattered.
While the whirlwind of brutality swept by, you stood faithful; 
Fear could not hold you to that place and time. 
Your spirit would cry out the more, saying,
Christians, break the silence!  You must break the silence!"
Even as your tear-stained leaflets scattered in the wind, 
You remained true to your deep inward convictions.
Both you and your sister, Sophie, would remain faithful to the end,
And your compatriots, inspired by your sacrificial love,
Would soon join you in captivity, torture, and even death.
No, Hans, though he tried, the enemy of your soul
Could not silence the
"eternal" beating of your heart.
To this day, it is still heard through those lives
Who've counted the cost for freedom's sake.
Evil could not triumph over good! 
Your sweet fragrance lingers on!
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On February 18, 1943,  twenty-five year old Hans Scholl  and his younger sister,  Sophie [both Christians],  along with other members of  The White Rose resistance movement who'd written,  published,  and distributed anit-Nazi leaflets at universities  throughout Germany, were arrested. Tried by a people's court,  they were unjustly condemned and beheaded on  February 22, 1943.  As the executioner's axe was lifted over his head,  Hans shouted:   "Long live freedom!"
[ As was said by the perpetrators of the European Jewish Holocaust, "First the Saturday people [Jews] and then the Sunday people  [Christians] ".
We "must" remember that Christians who stood alongside their Jewish brethren did not escape Hitler's gas ovens! ]
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