by Eva
Great servants of G-D, who followed His voice in days gone by,
Could not be moved by compromise; to the flesh they'd chosen to die.

In deep humility, they arose obedient to their call,
Accepting the work commissioned them as builders of Jerusalem's wall.

They were His anointed messengers:  His mouth, His feet, His hands;
They listened intently to His still, small voice and followed His every command.

They were conscious of His holy power, they ruled in His authority.
In a land filled with utter perversion, they proclaimed G-D's holy decrees.

They were the hearers of heavenly secrets obtained from the Throne of Grace.
Forsaking all things behind them, they followed the Ancient of Days..

They were men of prayer and communion who'd stood in the councils of G-D.
Their consecrated lives leaned heavily upon His staff and rod.

They rebuked all social injustice,  against sin they stood fearlessly.
Guided by G-D's holy will, they helped "blind" eyes to see.

Who were these men and women of faith who'd soared in eagle's sky?
They were G-D's holy standard bearers who held His banner high.
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