[A Song From The Heart ...]
by Eva
The  L-RD  G-D of  Israel,  Who is my Savior,  Redeemer,  and  King, has  become  my victory. He  is become  my triumph over my enemy.  He  is  the rejoicing of  my  heart.  He is my  trust,  my strength, my faithfulness,  my healing, and my hope.  His love surrounds  me.  His power preserves and  protects me.  My  life  is  completely  in  His  hands. He  has  delighted  to  save  and  deliver  me  through   the  blessed  power of  His Holy Word.  His blessings follow me wherever I go.  My  rest is found  solely  in Him,  in   His   precious  Holy   Spirit.  How  can  I  ever  be  lonely  again?  He  will "never" leave  nor forsake  me.  He  is  my  all-sufficient  Holy  G-D,  and  I  lack  no  good  thing  in  Him.  There  is   no other  that  I  desire  more  than  He.  As  His  child,  I  am  truly  blessed!
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"I am my Beloved's, and my Beloved is mine: ..." [forever]!  --  (Song of Solomon 6:3a).