by Eva

"Never again!" You've given your word.
Yet, we're standing alone and you're not even disturbed.
You've remained silent, not declaring our cause.
Against dividing our land and trampling G-D's laws.
Do you feel safe in the graves where you lie?
Are your ears deaf to your people's loud cry?
How cold is your heart?  How dry are your bones,
Knowing your brethren are being forced from their homes?
What are you doing?  You've said, "Never again!"
Our question to you is, will you lend us a hand?
Will you open your heart to all that is true?
Will you stand in defense of your fellow Jews?
Will you break the silence and come out of your graves?
Will you come out of "Egypt" and be courageous and brave?
Will you return to the old ways in which you were taught,
Remembering how your forefathers for you had fought?
They fought for your freedom and led you to the land,
While holding tightly to G-D's powerful hand!
"Never again!" Let your actions ring clear
For love of Hashem and all that is dear!
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