Poem by Eva
How could it be?  What is the cause?
What have I done?  I've broken no laws!
Why all the anger?  I don't understand.
Why are we Jews hatred throughout the land?
Where is my family?  Where is my home?
O' how the darkness around me has grown!
Hurry!  Hurry!  The train whistle is calling.
The cattle cars are filling.  The stench is appalling.
All around me babies are crying. 
Old men are praying, people are dying.
The shock of it all:  It happened so quick.
My awakening soul had become violently sick.
The train finally stopped within hell's gate,
The doors slid open to a gruesome fate.
Why were there ashes all over the ground?
Like flakes of snow, they were still falling down.
The silence was deafening, though thousands stood there
Awaitng selection, camp clothes and shorn hair.
A line of mothers and their children disappeared.
In silence, I watched, as my heart gripped with fear.
Like sheep, they were led away to the slaughter
No one took pity on Israel's sons and daughters.
"Work makes free!" The cold, black Iron Gate read.
Abide by the rules or you'll soon be dead.
The entire world knew of this devilish place
Yet, they turned their backs in full disgrace.
Instigators, perpetrators, collaborators, and more,
Nations and Churches to the Jews had closed their doors.
Yes!  The entire world sat silently by,
Closing their ears to humanity's loud cry.
How could this have happened, this evil atrocity,
When most nations of the world were democracies?
That day, they came for me, a Jew.
Don't think it cannot happen to you!
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