Poem by Eva
Wherever I am, I am found in you.
You are always in my thoughts, both day and night.
Your peace is my longed for crown come down from heaven.
In my dreams and when I am awake, I walk your streets,
Whose stones and dust are most precious to me.
I pray for you, my mother,
As a child who constantly remembers your virtue and love.
Daily, I pray for you, tasting the salty tears of past generations
That would swallow me up like an ocean,
Had I not believed I would see you again.

Throughout the ages, you'd taught me well saying,
"Remember G-D!  Remember it was He Who'd brought you to me.
Remember to thank Him always for His faithfulness.
Remember to keep the Sabbath day Holy unto Him!
Remember to keep His feasts in remembrance
Of His unchanging love for you.
Remember to pray G-D's holy
shalom over His beloved city.
Above all,
never forget that you've not been forgotten!
You are engraved on the very Palm of His hand forever."

How can I ever forget you or your beauty, my mother?
You are my oil of joy and my garment of praise!
Whenever my spirit is heavy and I mourn over you in the night,
Your burning flame rekindles my spirit anew.
Jerusalem, my mother,
The end of my longing to comfort you is near.
This is my hope.  This is my prayer.  This is my undying love for you:
Leshana Haba B' Yerushalayim!
("Next year in Jerusalem!")
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