by Eva
Soaring through the night sky,
Through stars and moon and sun,
My time on earth had ended;
My work on earth was done.

The sudden thrust my body felt
Had gripped my soul with fear,
Then peace, sweet peace, filled me
And caused my heart to hear.

"Be not afraid, My Darling,
As we soar to Kingdom's shore,.
Where My golden rays of glory
Can be seen through Heaven's door!

"There, stars and moon and sun
No longer give their light,
For My glory is sufficient there;
In Heaven, there is no night."

The very day He came for me
On my graduation day,.
No longer was I earth bound;
No longer made of clay.

For I took on Christ's glorious image
More brilliant than the sun,
And felt His love meld in me,
Uniting our hearts as one.

O' for the joys awaiting those
Who'd placed their trust in Him,
Who'd been forgiven of all their sins,
Who'd lived their lives for Him.

All the glories of Heaven awaiting
Across that crystal sea
Were prepared from time's beginning
For love of you and me.
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