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Where is the L-RD
In the midst of this darkened world?
Where is His Light,
His banner of love unfurled?
What can I say
When the storm seems at its worst?
Where is the vision
When all seems lost and cursed?
Where is the hope
Reaching out to humanity?
What peace of mind
Can ever calm this troubled sea?
O' stormy wind,
O' heavenly cloud arising,
O' lightning flashing,
O' vision polarizing.
I lift up my eyes
To shattering light now steering
Through all darkness:
A vision is now appearing.
G-D's fiery presence
Moving upon wheels and wings,
Arrayed for battle:
Behold the King of Kings!
Your holy vision has become mine.
Truth revealed "for such a time".
G-D is faithful,
Who daily watches o'er His own
Through darkest night.
He still rules from His glorious throne.
For Such a Time!

by Eva
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